Is Sleep Training Right for My Family?

The sleep training process is often a mystery for parents. I get calls from parents all of the time knowing they need help, but don’t know if sleep training is the right option for them.

Here are some common questions and answers that help parents make an informed decision Sleep Training Is Right For Your Familysleep training family photo

My child has a difficult temperament and things like this never go well, would we still be a candidate for the program?

Yes! Many children with a difficult temperament just need a little more customization and detail in their plan, but we always get there. Often, once the sleep deficit is met, we see the personality of the child start to change and the difficult/stubborn temperament begins to fade away.

We tried to let them cry like a newborn but it didn’t work, how would this be different?

Think of us as starting from scratch as far as sleep is concerned. Whether you experimented with sleep training in the past or you had a newborn with a complicated, unpredictable schedule that does not predict our outcome moving forward. Once the child is taught self-soothing skills, it’s a whole new ball game!

Do you use the “Cry It Out” Method (CIO)?

I am asked this question often and the most simple answer is no. I don’t feel you need to hire a consultant if you are going to use the CIO method. My strategies are completely customized to each family according to their comfort level and parenting style.

What if sleep training doesn’t work?

The process will work if followed correctly and implemented consistently. While most children will be successful within two weeks, there is always the exception, but there is always a resolution. It just might take a little longer. My goal is to stick with the family until we are successful.

Does the process work if my child is in daycare?

Yes, I will send customized instructions to the daycare. We always keep in mind the staff will not be able to follow the method used at home exactly because of the timing and the need to accommodate the other children. We ask the daycare to record their day and give them instructions that are conducive to a daycare setting. I also provide my contact information to the daycare in case they have a question and Mom and Dad aren’t available.

My child takes good naps but it is up several times throughout the night, do we still need sleep training?

Yes, think of infant sleep as a 24-hour sleeping puzzle, if one piece is missing, the entire puzzle is not complete. This will most likely lead to regression at some point and you will find yourself with both disruptive day and night sleep.

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Diana Flutie

Diana Flutie


Diana Flutie is a Certified Child Sleep Consultant, and the founder of Big Sky Lullaby; a child sleep resource to help navigate the early years of pediatric sleep! At Big Sky Lullaby, we strongly believe that implementing a healthy sleep schedule and maintaining it throughout their early years, is one of the greatest gifts that we can give our child. After the birth of her son, Diana made it her mission to become an expert on child sleep patterns and behavior, making it the focus of her career. Diana has since become an avid child health enthusiast, (specializing in newborn to age 5) with a strong passion for implementing healthy and safe sleep habits, and helping other families do the same. Diana's programs are personalized to meet the specific needs of each client, while offering a high level of communication and support throughout the process. Big Sky Lullaby is proud to offer a military discount!