Sleep Packages

Here at Big Sky Lullaby we know that not every child (or family) is the same, which is why we provide a range of sleep training packages to fit your specific needs. We tailor our services to the comfort level of the parents by providing gentle sleep options, so just sleep training (or “sleep changing” as we like to call it) is a positive experience for all involved. We are based in Richmond, VA, but we work with families across the US  virtually, via email, phone, Skype/FaceTime, or I can travel to your home to provide you with the amount of support and guidance that you are most comfortable with.

All of my sleep training packages are designed to ensure success. My promise to you is that I will work with your family until we reach the goals set for your child. Our methods are 100% effective!


Our sleep plan package options include these four core pieces to give you the support you need to get the sleep you deserve:

  • Sleep Evaluation Form. A comprehensive questionnaire to help me learn more about your child, including current sleep habits and history. This provides me the information I need to personalize my services to your child’s specific needs, and make the most out of our time together.
  • Lullaby Sleep Plan. I will develop a customized sleep plan, including a sleep schedule and habit “makeover”, based on what I have learned in the evaluation and consultation. This plan will be your guide to help ensure success, and get the whole family sleeping.
  • 14-Sleep Follow-up Support – You will have access to me via email or phone (depending on the option that you choose) to answer any questions for two weeks (or 14 sleeps).
  • Sleep Success Packet. This is an extensive document detailing future sleep milestones from newborn through age five. It includes instructions for soothing techniques, travel, transitions, teething, illness, and much more to help ensure your child continues on the path of healthy sleeping.

Virtual Sleep Plan Consultation $395

Our most popular plan! This is a perfect package for families nationwide who want to talk through the sleep issues they are dealing with. This includes a 60-minute virtual consultation via phone, Skype or FaceTime, and unlimited text support (there are no restrictions on hours.)

In-Home Sleep Plan Consultation $425

This is a perfect package for families who want to meet me in person and have the consultation in their home. This allows me to see the nursery and specific layout of the house and offer recommendations. Coming into a family’s home and meeting the parents and the child is one of my favorite parts of being a Child Sleep Consultant (besides hearing the joy in the mother’s voice when she tells me her child has slept through the night for the first time!).

*If you live outside of Richmond or Baltimore, we charge .40 per mile to travel to and from your home.

Email Only Sleep Plan Consultation $295

This package is just right for a busy family.  All correspondence will be via email for two weeks. No telephone/text message support is provided.

In-Home Sleep Plan Consultation – Call for Pricing

This option is for families who have already purchased the Virtual Sleep Plan Package and are looking for that extra level of support during the first night or two, or throughout the two-weeks.

Call for pricing based on your customized needs and location.


60 Minute Telephone-Consultation $175

This is an opportunity for a family who does not think that they need to go through a full “sleep training” program and just want some guidance. This option does not come with a customized sleep plan or any follow-up support. However, I do have the family complete the intake form before the call so that I have those details in advance, which allows our time during the call to be more productive.

Newborn Package: $245 (Phone) $295 (In person)
(Popular baby shower present!)

At Big Sky Lullaby we want the leap into parenthood to be as smooth and joyful as possible. This tutorial arms expecting parents with the knowledge and tools to create healthy sleep habits for their newborn from the start. This makes a great gift for expecting Moms!

  • 60 Minute Sleep Lesson (via phone, Skype or FaceTime)
  • Two 20 minute follow-up phone calls within four months after baby arrives
  • Sleep Success Packet


Baby Sleep Training Consultation